Max Spleenripper - Part 2

Max Spleenripper fully painted using the Sketch Style

Sketch style à la Matt DiPietro, the latest post in his guest lecturing over at Miniature Monthly takes the next step in sketch style - glazing colour over the greyscale. Interestingly this is not a style I particularly care for - at least the way I am doing it so far. The color comes out a little desaturated unless I layer up to such an extent that I may as well just paint the color on in the first place. Having said that, I am noticing that it really does help me see what is meant by 'more contrast' the idea of shading a color down to black is not something I had pushed nearly as much as I should have.

We left off (in Part 1)with Max Spleenripper was living in a 1930's horror movie, although missing the required chocolate syrup:
Max Spleenripper painted in grey - front

Max Spleenripper can only play for chaos or nurgle. As I had painted the Carnal Cavaliers already and I liked the image of Jason/Ash in pink.
Vallejo's Andrea blue is my favorite turquoise color, it has great coverage and really gives pop. I used it extensively with my Chaos Team: The Carnal Cavaliers. It also felt like a good color to try glazing with - it worked great! The pink was a bit more of a stretch - the shade and highlight for it worked reasonably well but it looks a little powdery -hopefully some wash will help that.
Max Spleenripper dynamic action poseMax Spleenripper from the front
Max Spleenripper from the back

Building up the skin was a little tougher for me - I wasn't sure whether to go with a pallid flesh or a 'Conan' aesthetic. This is where the shading really highlighted the value of the sketch style - taking the shading all the way to black in areas.
Skin painted backSkin painted front

Bone, mask and chainsaw painted:

With that, he's nearly done. I am going to go back over a few areas, particularly the pink which I want to take the powder out of. Layer some purple into the trousers and skin, and some brown into the bone. Another coat of brown onto the base to smooth it a little followed by some flock.

Speaking of the base. Folks may well be wondering why my base looks so crappy. This is something I think I have mentioned before but I made the decision early in my Blood Bowl painting, to keep the bases consistent across all teams, unfortunately - this does leave them looking a bit shitty, especially as my skill with the rest of the miniatures grows.

Max Spleenripper rotating 360 animated gif

Finished Max from the frontFinished Max from the back

So there he is, Max Spleenripper, ready to hit the field... and more importantly - the other team! The purple glaze at the end really was incredible in bringing lifelike tone to the body and more natural shading to the trousers/pants. Flock will hopefully be added in the next few weeks... as soon as I can figure out what I've done with mine!

- Raggy, signing out