Jason of the Argonauts

Salute sculpt of Jason of the Argonauts, fully painted

A while ago I got into a DnD campaign with some friends down the FLGS in Mountain View. Dorn Blackman, warrior and son of a blacksmith was my character and motivated me to finally paint up the Jason of the Argonauts model from Salute 2013. Of course with the move back to London and the general life expectancy of RPGs the campaign is dead and the model still isn't finished.

I took some quick pictures with my phone of the work in progress. One of the things I am really wanting to work on with this, aside from more practice with NMM, is the basing. One of my painting mentors is a firm believer that the terrain is really what distinguishes a good piece from a great one - it's also something I have traditionally given very little thought. This piece has a gorgeous sculpted base to really work with.

Showing the fallen statue base Jason stands on.Close up of wet blend on scabbard
The scabbard was a spur of the moment decision - I just felt the need to practice wet blending and it came out like this. It certainly isn't an authentic look for a scabbard but I do love the effect anyway.

NMM Bronze armour Back viewNMM Bronze armour side viewShield painted cream with chimera silhouette

The shield is an attempt at free-handing a chimera. There is some work needed on this, I am trying to give it a kind of terracotta matte finish. By the end, the image was tidied up a lot and looked a lot more like my intention.

Finished Jason model shield view

Finished Jason model front viewFinished Jason model rear view

All in all it's a shame that this guy took so long to finish and will never be able to use him in the intended campaign. I ended up just wanted to be done with him which is always a sad point to get to in painting a miniature. Looking at him, it is clear that the NMM is well below my standard and the lichen on the stone is a little too radioactive. Things I should be able to fix easily enough except for the fact I really don't care any more.

- Raggy, signing out