Rack'em, Stack'em

So the other day I was tempted into picking up a shiny new minis case. I really don't NEED more.... but at the same time - there is no such thing as too much storage. This particular case is a monster, 6 layers of 80 minis - a total of 480 figures stored in protective foam. I decided it would be nice to load all my Blood Bowl minis into a single case as they have been spread across 3 cases for a while meaning I'm guaranteed to have to look in three different places to find any given figure I'm looking for. So what does 480ish Blood Bowl minis in a big box look like? Well I'm glad you asked:

Of course, this isn't every team. I am still working on that... but it's some good progress. Now all I have to do is get all the blighters painted! ... and buy the rest.

- Raggy, signing out