Miragliano Union

Well that pesky thing 'real life' has been seriously interfering with my painting recently. In combination with my A.D.D. with these guys, there's been slow progress. Fortunately last week, I got the base colors on so they can be fielded, the rest of it is grinding through a ton of Non-Metallic Metal...

NMM painted Pro Elves

Pro Elf Positionals

Pro Elf Linemen

I'm still not super happy with my NMM skills at the moment, silver is going ok but gold is a real struggle. I think the tough part is getting the color transition in wide spectrum in a small space. Luckily I won an hour painting tutorial with Aaron Lovejoy! I am going to ask him for some more advice on getting those transitions smoother. If you want a chance to win an hour session with Aaron (or Liz Beckley) then you should sign up for Miniature Monthly... actually you should sign up anyway. The videos are excellent and there are some great prizes to be had. $10/month is well worth it for the content they have.

- Raggy, signing out