Work slows play

Hey folks,

Updates have been getting a little thinner on the ground as I am currently preparing for an exam and workload is piling up a little. The pro elves have been progressing by inches but there has been some decent progress on our favorite Orangutan:

After substantial angst over how to paint the flooring, I opted for a silvery/grey wood effect using:

Minitaire Mummy and light Grey

Unfortunately for those trying to reproduce, I have no idea what that grey paint is. I bought it from The TreeFellas from a UK game show. They don't have a web presence but their paints are great.
Of course, having settled on the base, I needed to tint the wood, get the shading in place. I tried 4 washes:

four washes on wood

I then drybrushed the Minitaire Mummy to bring it back to a more wood color. I drilled through the middle of the board and added it under the Librarian to allow for direct juxtaposition.

Librarian current status

Librarian on Wood samplingLibrarian on Wood sampling

Librarian on Wood samplingLibrarian on Wood sampling

In the end I settled on the Dark Tone to remove any of the red hues, keeping them on the Librarian himself.

I also did a little experimentation of Object Source Lighting using some old Dwarf miners as test pieces:

Dwarven miner with OSL candlelight

It's not super clear, but the effect is pretty subtle, it shows the halo effect without making that the center of attention. This subtlety is what I am looking for in the model. I want to avoid anything too cartoony.

There probably won't be any further updates for a week or so as I slog through the work but I'll try and get a few more bits and pieces together. This coming weekend I hope to finish off the model.

- Raggy, signing out