The Lady has a Name!

I would like to introduce you all to Trixie! Of course, regular readers have seen her before but as I mentioned in this post; I had been unable to identify her origins for sure... Well, all that has changed! The lady's name is Trixie and she is a free model! Well free when you get another model. I was correct that she is a Ramshackle Games model, this model. From the blurb, it seems that she is something of a Siren that draws people in and betrays them... that's not really how I ever imagined this figure.

And the finalé:

The final effect is rather less impressive than I'd hoped, particularly for the sheer fabric but I think it has taught me a lot of how to do this in the future. I will be trying something similar on the Trolls for my Goblin team.

- Raggy, signing out