Priming Experiment - Miniature Monthly

For those of you that don't understand where the title of this blogpost came from, there's a great new Patreon project to learn how to paint miniatures with solid foundations. If you want to find out more you can check it out on their page: Miniature Monthly. The idea is that you watch the monthly videos and practice the techniques they demonstrate. There are two new videos each month and this is month 1! So you can get in right on the ground floor.
I will try not to spoil too much of the content of those videos (just go and sign up for yourselves). One of the things that is covered is looking at different primer colors and how they impact the colors layered over them. As it happens I am just getting going with my Goblins (yes those goblins, the ones I've been harping on about every single post for about a month). Anyway half the goblins, the other half are wearing very little and the Trolls are going to be red... sounds like 3 different primers to me! You saw this in my last post. Since then I have started trying to paint red over the black and green. It turns out it's not easy. In my experience Red and Yellow are the two hardest colors to get an even coat of. To this end I figured I would track the number of coats and attempt some cheats by using another color with better coverage for the first coat in some cases:

PrimerFirst CoatNumber of coats to get a smooth finish
Duplicolor Black Sandable PrimerArmy Painter Pure Red8
Duplicolor Black Sandable PrimerArmy Painter Fur Brown4
Duplicolor Black Sandable PrimerArmy Painter Oak Brown6
Army Painter Greenskin PrimerArmy Painter Pure Red5
Army Painter Greenskin PrimerArmy Painter Fur Brown3
Army Painter Greenskin PrimerArmy Painter Oak Brown4

These are the paints I used:

And here are the samples. Can you tell which is which?

I really enjoy freehanding. I am still not great at it but I am taking every opportunity to practice. I got some great tips on how to sharpen up edges at GenCon off of Caleb Wissenback although I've done a poor job of using it here. I am going to have to be more careful with the next step though!

- Raggy, signing out