Mighty Ogre rampage!

Well they're finally finished. The whole Ogre team... of course being Ogres... it would appear that they have eaten their coaching staff after a... disagreement... and are currently looking to hire a new Coach and Apothercary... budding applicants please submit your résumé to bludgers@boulderbellies.com ***NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED***

I wanted to try a slightly different style to this post, rather than just posting photos of the latest progress, I wanted to do a montage of the Ogres as they progressed through their different stages! (Of course cynics amongst you may claim this is shameless reuse of previous material... and you'd be right!)

First up were the Snotlings (aka 15mm Winged Goblins); these guys were part of my batch speed painting efforts using Army Painter Goblin Green primer. I think I got the whole lot from blister to varnished in two weeks.

I picked up the Ogres from Game Kastle Fremont after playing a game of BloodBowl there. I'd had these models in mind for a long time. They look the part and the style of weapons they carry made conversion relatively simple.

The first pass on the Green Stuff took some time, I have used Green Stuff a few times for a variety of purposes (notably the hats for the Hobgoblins of my Chaos Dwarf team) but I've never quite been satisfied with the results. One of the major issues is 'folds' in the green stuff and rounded look that just leave the whole thing looking amateurish. I intentionally included a little too much material on my first pass so that when I came back a few weeks later and they had properly cured, I could carve and file off the excess to give nice sharp lines. This worked pretty well.

The tattoos were a bit of a risky departure for me and although I am very pleased with how they came out, the skin itself was a bit of a disappointment. I never should have used strong tone for it... I tried hard to fix it but it didn't really work and I didn't want to loose the tattoos in starting over from scratch.

And so at last, the full team in their glory. The one thing I haven't done with this team that I normally do is the odd White Line for Pitch markings. I am not really sure why I left this off... it just felt right to me.

So there you have it! Some rather intermittent painting step by steps. I think in future I might try and do quick phone camera picks after each painting session to get more detailed progress steps... would that be of interest? Let me know in the comments below!

As a little head's up - I will be posting some Blood Bowl miniatures for sale in a post later this week. I will be giving readers a head start and a discounted price before they go on eBay.

- Raggy, signing out