Ogres on the Warpath!

Well I am back from the UK and those Ogres aren't going to paint themselves... so I am cracking into them. I have actually screwed up the flesh of them a little. I had some really nice shading/highlighting going on and then but strong tone on it... it was way too dark and I have had to start bringing the brightness back up but it's not as smooth as it was. I am working on it but have taken a bit of a break to work on some tattoos/warpaint on the boys:

Ok well there should have been some pictures in this space but... I am waiting on a super cool new lighting kit... which is apparently not going to arrive until after GenCon.... BOOOOOOO and also YAY GENCON. (bloody Prime Day!)

Anyway I wanted to get a little update out before I go to GenCon as I am sure there will be a massive post about that and then (hopefully) I can get some lovely pics of these Ogres will the disappointing skin but cool tattoos.