Painting Progress

As you can see the ashigaru are progressing slowly. I have assembled all 40 of my archers for my mixed arquebusier unit (At the time of Sekigahara, this was the norm. arquebusier units would be supplemented with archers in order to provide covering fire while the arqubusiers reloaded. There are a few sources I have found supporting this including here.)
Overall at this point I have primed all of my ashigaru yari and assembled 60 of my 100 ranged ashigaru. I am setting them aside for a bit so I can focus on my new shiny, the Black Scorpion Fantasy Football Elves:

That's right! They are progressing. I am still not totally sure about the colour scheme, it seems a little monotone but hopefully the accents will off set this. Hopefully my test player will be completed for my next post so stay tuned!

- Raggy, signing out


  1. That's the most epic mohawk. Ever.

    Nice work all around chief! Keep it going!

    1. Thanks Mik! Hope you are well man. These are really fantastic figures from Black Scorpion Miniatures. I will edit the post with a link (should've done that!)


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