I'm back!

Hello again!
It's been quite a while but I'm still here. The last few years have been pretty hectic and have pulled me in a bunch of different directions... including six thousand miles to California. I have also been a bit lax on the Miniatures front as more and more of my efforts and focus have been going into Board gaming.

If you are interested in finding out more of what I have been upto you can have a look at my boardgamegeek profile. I have maintained a couple of blogs there one on Lord of the Rings (LCG) and another challenging myself to restrict my buying habits to 15 purchases in 2015. I also got myself into a quest to play 15 games 15 times each in 2015 which attempts to build on my success in playing 10 games 10 times each last year. That last project is not really going to plan I must confess.

All of these efforts have been great, and I think they have done a lot to improve my enjoyment of boardgames, however it has been at the expense of my precious lead mountain! As I have reached a point where I am not able to get the boardgames to the table as easily as I could in the past, I am making a long overdue return to this blog. I'm dusting off blogger and my miniatures and making a return to these posts.

I am also taking the opportunity to start another blog in collaboration with one or two friends called Brewing by Dummies (http://www.brewingbydummies.com). I am hoping to make this site a resource for new home brewers. It will have tips, suggestions, recipes and reviews, not just home brew related but also looking at some craft beers and maybe a few more things.

Ok, ok, enough of the self promotion. What have I been up to that is actually miniatures related? Well! I have not been totally idle. I will be spacing all the shiny-ness over a few posts (just to keep you all coming back) but this post I will look at some Simpsons figures:

Picture of Simpson's Figures from the Front

Photo of Simpson's figures from the Top down

This models came from a Simpsons themed version of Clue (Cluedo in the UK):

Simpsons Cluedo Box cover

I am a total Clue fan and I actually really liked the pewter figures that this version comes with so I figured I would paint them up. They've actually been on the list for years - ever since I picked it up when I was still at University. A little while ago, a friend of mine was very seriously ill and I went to look after them for a few days. I knew that it was going to be a case of being available without necessarily having to be providing care all the time. It seemed like a great chance to pack up a few minis to take with me. These figures all fit nicely into a case and made the trek with me, along with a few paints and a couple of brushes and I was set. A few days later and they were all painted up and my friend was thankfully a lot better!

More recently I managed to finally get this game to the table and everyone was amazed by the quality of the figure painting which made me very happy.