Another fine Fiasco

Well this is likely to only be a brief one. The weekend just gone I went on a walk along the Wandl Path from Carshalton to Croydon, stopping at a few places along the way including the Honeywood museum and the old water tower in Carshalton.

On Tuesday I met up with one of my regular gaming buddies, Mr G and a couple that I haven't seen in ages and we sat in the pub playing Fiasco! It was a great game, using the Transatlantic setting that is on the site for download. The setting was great and although we still aren't that good at the roleplaying aspect it was a good laugh!

This is really meant to be a painting blog... so what have I been doing? Nothing... well almost nothing. I have prepped a load of minis and I have done a sculpt for Hasslefree's contest that I need to send off! (I am not really sure if they are ok with me posting photos so I have some but won't post until after the contest closes and I have checked with them that it is ok). I know the sculpt itself isn't great but it was my first time doing anything like this and I really enjoyed it. I have already learnt a lot (layers people LAYERS!!!!). I am not sure how often I would do this sort of thing but maybe for more contests like this I would. I have also primed a bunch of figures and hope to do a load more before I go away... on Tuesday... to the States... FOR A MONTH!!! Well just shy of 4 weeks but still, pretty awesome.