A Total Fiasco!

So, although I haven't gotten any painting done lately, I have been able to do some gaming, notably an epic game of Arkham Horror which implemented Curse of the Black Pharaoh, Black Goat of the Woods, Lurker at the Threshold & Kingsport Horror which we sadly didn't finish but despite the odds being stacked against us. We were doing really well until a gate burst set us back.

Then the weekend just gone I got to try Dune for the first time... and by Dune I mean Rex. It is a great game and despite having an auction mechanic (one of my least favorite features of a game), I still loved this game. As a Fantasy Flight game that claims '2-3hrs' I feared it would be an all day event but it really was about that time frame even with a bit of uncertainty. It has convinced me that although I won't be buying it, I would LOVE to play this a few more times. I have some doubts about balance of the different groups although it may just be that players need some familiarity in order to balance this out.

With Rex being played in the box time, we had some time to play a few other games including a few that were new to me: Tsuro is a game I had seen on TableTop and suspected I would enjoy and I did! We also had a game of Mag-Blast, a fun little elimination game but Richard got taken out early leaving him with nothing to do but watch which was a bit crap for him. The last game we played was really epic: Fiasco! I had heard a lot about this and listened to some plays on Minions of the Monster Master.

On the miniatures front, I have been prepping the Mantic, Hasslefree & Heresy figures that I still have unpainted. I will hopefully have these all prepped and primed by the end of the week... although I think I need to get more superglue as mine is now the consistency of treacle and doesn't seem to actually bond to anything.

On a related note, I have also started sculpting for Hasslefree's contest, I am quite pleased with the effects so far, although the basic figure that you have to use is already fairly fully formed, really she only lacks hair and clothes. I am really enjoying it, although I am having a little trouble doing some of the sculpting I want... we will have to see how it pans out.


  1. Hey, thanks for the shoutout! Fiasco is definitely one of our favorite games, we even wrote up a playsheet for it we'll have to debut soon.

    That sounds like an absolute monolithic game of Arkham Horror, very nice. We haven't played that one in a few years but have gotten in some Mansions of Madness. Not quite the same, but some of the same investigators.

    Good to hear about Rex as well, I've had my eye on that one for some time and hearing good things about it always helps.


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