Painting doldrums

So I have kinda struck out on painting at the moment. I was meant to be starting on my Ogre star player but have been lacking time & inspiration...

I tried combatting it by assembling some Skeleton Warriors and Elves to be used for Fantasy RPGs (It's always good to have generic troops). I have even primed the elves... I think I have gotten a little into the  batch paint mindset a bit too far... but that isn't my only problem, I am just not wanting to do any painting at the moment. All this makes for a pretty boring blog but I will be trying to get back into things with one new shiny project:


I have never really done any sculpting before so this is going to be a real challenge but I am looking forward to giving it a shot and seeing what happens.


  1. Sculpting can be very rewarding, from what I hear, I've personally been a tad intimidated by it.

    As for your doldrums, I feel ya. I just now came off of something like a seven month dry spell. I'm not in the clear just yet, but have started putting brush to figs again. Sometimes we need the break.


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