Thinning the Lead Mountain

Well it has been a couple of months of bills and poverty. So in light of this, I have been driven to try and purge my collections, hoping to scrape some cash together in time for Salute as there were a few things I had hoped to pick up there. So far I have raised a decent sum on PayPal through eBay and a few listings on Warseer and UKCord. Unfortunately taking the money out of PayPal is stupidly expensive so it is likely to stay there and get spent on eBay or mini sites direct... possibly on BoardGameGuru for Agricola, Thunderstone: Dragonspire or 7 Wonders. Still I have plenty more to sell and will hopefully take a large chunk to Salute's Bring & Buy. If anyone is after Lizardmen (the 1st ed ones), Epic Tyranids/Marines or Imperial Guard stuff (Tanks, Catachans, Storm Troops) then gimme a shout, I will try and get some of the stuff listed on the For Sale blog entry in the coming weeks but time is precious.

A lot of this stuff got picked up from a Friend's where I had stored it while in Uni. There was a shocking amount of stuff that I didn't even realise I had and the worst part is that I know there is still a lot more knocking about somewhere, I will have to try and hunt it out as I am sure I have a load of IG Praetorians that should fetch a fair chunk of change. Whilst over there on Saturday sorting all this stuff out, we also got a game of Cardcassonne and Thunderstone played which was good as I am pretty keen on both of them. Thunderstone is a game that I am enjoying more every time I play. I liked Dominion a lot, but the more I play Thunderstone, the more Dominion's lack of theme bothers me.

Last Thursday saw another game of Mansions of Madness. To be honest it was a little frustrating as throughout the game it felt as if we (the investigators) had no chance of winning. The Bio-Sample victory conditions effectively prevent players from winning by simply being practically impossible to stop. I am hoping that this coming Thursday we can play a game where this is not a victory condition to see if it makes the game more achievable than the first two times I have played.

- Raggy, signing out


  1. If I had the spare cash myself Id help you out but I've kind of been in the same boat! Good luck to you though, don't get rid of anything you'll regret later!


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