Stuck at the 'rents place

Yup not much gaming or painting or fun of any sort been happening what with one thing and another, mostly Sutton Council trying to screw me. So why am I posting? Well I decided it was time to take some more snaps of the old painting station to show folks:

The gaming station in all it's glory... lots going on here!
Militia!!! - And what is that turquoise paint for?
Zombies!!! Yep I am slowly working my way through the hordes, these are the last of the metal monsters
And these are the majority of the plastic zombies
Finally we have a few Steeds to bulk out my Knights of the Silver Skull. The horse on the left is a painted example. All my previous steeds were black (I'm lazy) so these new ones will have a little more colour variety to mix it up a bit... it's gonna take forever!
Well I hope you enjoyed your visit to my painting station, I am off to the Espom Gaming Club tonight so hopefully some tales of new and exciting games to follow shortly!

- Raggy, signing out