The Great British Rail

Ok so commuting is not exactly a new experience for me... being subjected to mainline rail on a daily basis is. It turns out that the 'leaves on the line' excuse for delays isn't just a made up adage to highlight the incompetency of the British rail network... they actually believe this is a valid reason for cancelling trains with no notice and adding a 2 minute delay on the arrival time ... every minute. This is not entirely true. It seems that First Capital Connect have paid attention to the last thirty years of British comedy sketches and decided that 'Poor Rail Conditions' is somehow going to convince Joe Public that there is a problem that justifies delays and cancellations all day, every day. The usual barrage of signal failures, passenger illnesses and station closures that are so frequent we should probably thank the train operators on bended knee, and gift them our first born for allowing us to get to work (albeit never less than 30 minutes later than we ought to have arrived) there is now a new problem... staff shortage.
STAFF FUCKING SHORTAGE? Ok so I am paying £200/month to sit on a train packed with 3 times as many commuters that are also paying that much for the honor of being able to go to a job. So if each commuter pays £200/month, and my 8 carriage train has 120 commuters per carriage (conservative) they are being paid 200,000/train per month...
There is no money being invested in maintaining the lines or the trains, there is massive unemployment in the UK and so why exactly is there a staff shortage? I mean they don't even need ticket inspectors anymore one guy / train and a couple per station, given all the other short-cuts is any of the money I am paying not just going straight into the fat cat pockets? It is crap like this that makes socialism attractive.