JUST IN courtesy of Wayland Games

It's here folks! Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition is up for pre-order now here. At a whopping 528 pages full of new rules, art and background, and with rumours of it being one of the most intense rules overhauls in years, it's no surprise that 8th edition has garnered a lot of attention amongst gamers (RRP £45.00, Wayland retail at a bargain £38.50). Whilst we'd like to give you some hard facts about the new edition, truth is, no one knows for sure until its in their hands. However, a lot of the rumours point towards a streamlining of the movement system, an overhaul of the magic system, archers firing in two ranks, as well as boosts for fear and terror causing units/monsters.

As ever with a new edition we get a starter box and this one is shaping up to be fantastic. Whilst we know for certain that the forces will be High Elves and Skaven, there are rumours of new plastic silver helms and spearmen, some kind of plastic weapon team for the skaven, and most interestingly of all: a plastic griffon! The set is available to pre-order here with a full list of contents available shortly – rest assured folks you'll know when we know.