Flavour of the Month(s)

Yeah I know, where was March? or April for that matter... I honestly couldn't say. I blame my imminent Finals:

  • Boardgame I most want to try: Descent
  • Boardgame I most want to play: Formula D
  • Boardgame I most want to buy: Treehouse
  • Wargame I most want to try Firestorm: Armada
  • Wargame I most want to play: DungeonBowl
  • RPG I most want to try/play: Warhammer Fantasy 2nd
Not a lot of change to the list really.I played Formula D for the first time and immediately had to buy it. My friend had been looking to sell it and brought it along for me to try. I do like it, but I want to play it some more to get a better idea of how it plays with more comprehensive rules.Either way, at £25 I am well pleased (the missus won't be when she finds out though!).
Not done any wargaming of late, it is just too time consuming. No Role-Playing either though I hope that'll change once I move back to London.