Games Workshop Letters

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Dear Sir/Madam
I have been watching with increasing concern the recent bouts of legal letters to fansites. I have been a Games Workshop player for over 15years and have supported the company through increasing prices, power creep and many other criticisms leveled at the company. I feel that the strongest feature of Games Workshop was the large community of gamers out there. Other systems that I play are all of a much smaller user base though often a lot cheaper, better quality figures and easier to play work hard to try and generate a similar community. Seeing Games Workshop working so hard to destroy communities, and alienate players breaks my heart. As a result of thes changes in company policy I will be ceasing to purchase any Games Workshop products or license material from associated companies (such as Forge World, Fantasy Flight and the like). I will also encourage others to vote with their wallets and get their figures elsewhere.
I hope that you see what you are doing and work to include fansites rather than just attempting to shut them down. Sadly I very much this will happen, I am sure to that if this letter is read it will make no difference but I feel it is my duty to try.
Yours sincerely,