The coming months

Well I have entered the final year of my degree... this is the main reason for my lack of posts (and lack of painting). I am spending Christmas up in Durham with my Fiancee and am hoping to be able to get a few things done then. My main focuses will be:

  • Skaven Coach (last of my skaven team)
  • Finish off the Menoth figures
  • Paint the remaining of my Uncharted Seas figures
  • Do the survivor figures that can be used for 'Daring Tales of Adventure'
  • I also need to varnish up a load of figures.

Other than this the main thing in the wargaming world I have been following is the latest retardations (I simply can't think of another way to describe it) of Games Workshop. It seems we are all welcome to spend money in their shops so long as we don't take photos of product, talk about product, or in fact touch product without supervision from authorities. Trousers down, and bend over folks, GW is on the warpath!