Kircham Huntsmen

Well it has been a while. I am still at my 'rents and looking forward to getting home at the weekend. I had hoped during my stay to paint up 90 troops... a tall order (89 technically as one of my militiamen has already been painted). I had done most of the first 10 (the spearmen) when I arrived and had soon finished them and the 40 gunners, then I really bombed and have finally finished the 20 huntsmen and another militiaman. So I still have 18 militia to paint (not to mention the 60 odd still on their sprues).

All things considered 71/89 isn't a bad score in 6 weeks and this was done whilst catching up with old friends and working on my grandparent's old bungalow. My main problem is that I really don't think they are up to my usual standard. It is amazing how much harder it is without my painting station and light. Everything in this house is bathed in an eye-aching sulphurous yellow light making the figures look flat, I have also made a lot of mistakes and generally been sloppy. They are only rank & file and I am REALLY glad I didn't bring the Khador troops I had contemplated as they'd be ruined.

Ranting aside, what you guys really want is a look at the Kircham Irregulars, my huntsmen. At 20 strong this is as large as a Huntsmen unit can become and I am really proud of them. Much better painted than the gunners, they look good enough to stand up even when in a skirmish set up. I painted them with a handful of colours; the army pallette along with a few greens for the 'Stirland' effect. With each colour I'd select a handful of figures and mix and match to get a nice mix. I think that on getting back home I might give them some highlights as only the black has had this treatment so far and I don't think it has worked. As I mentioned earlier I have also painted up one of my milita, he is a great model wielding a brace of pistols which means if neccesary I can also use him as a marksman in a gunner unit (although a marksman without a long rifle does seem a tragic waste of ballistic skill!).

Kircham is a small town not far outside of Nuln into Stirland and sits on the edge of the Nattern Forest. Living where they do, the men of Kicham get a lot of practice with their yew, shooting game both for themselves and for Mr Stark of 'Stark's Fine Meats' on the aptly named Stink Avenue just behind Nuln's Northern Docks. In return Mr Stark provides the men of Kircham both poor pay and poor quality leather tanned from their pickings by some of his collegues on the avenue.