The London Gunners

No, this is not a blog about Arsenal. The plan was to paint up the boring rank and file units whilst stuck in London... starting with the Militia, then the Huntsmen and then the Gunners... Well it is all going a bit arse backward.

I have started with the gunners. Every time I look at a unit of 20 figures, each in a different pose, with different accessories, weapons, hats, clothes it makes me feel queezy. Nice regimented boring old-fashioned and best of all easy to paint. I love them, the four different poses are enough that you can mix and match and get a really good looking army. Well it has been slow going, I have never been a quick painter and there are 40 figures on the conveyor belt.

I have done a bit on the other figures, the huntsmen have had their flesh painted on and a couple of militia men have gotten some special treatment:

As you can probably tell, these figures are nowhere near complete yet. I haven't even finished the base colours yet... really slow progress!

Recently I have also picked up a load of Void era VASA to add to my VASA gang, some SuperFigs and a set of the Islands for Uncharted Seas made by Amera. The islands are very nice vac-formed plastic, many people have asked if they aren't flimsy and delicate... THEY ARE AWESOME. Really solid plastic, not indestructible but well up to standing the rigours of gaming. I can't wait to get them painted up and some games on them. I have also just put an order in to Hasslfree Miniatures for a few more figures so my bank account has taken a bit of a beating!
- Raggy, signing out