Help me find the spammers

It is a sad reality that these days spam is an inevitable result of dealing with the online community. Often otherwise legitimate sites gain some additional revenue through selling addresses to spammers. I don't expect to change the world, but I am intrested in finding as many of these companies as possible. I do this by creating a seperate email address for every site that I sign up on, the addresses aren't listed anywhere else and so the only way a spammer can know of the address' existance is if it is given to them by the site I signed up on. On each site, I will make sure to specify that I don't wish to receive any promotional mail first or third party etc etc.
Should I get an spam in one of these accounts I will write up the details on this blog. I should emphasise that this is not the focus of my blog, just a sideline for my own amusement. So once again if you have any sites you would like me to check out, just drop me a comment.

- Raggy, signing out