Moving is rubbish

Yeah so the unpacking is still a WIP but I have gotten back into some painting. Nothing much really to report and even less in the way of photos. I am currently staying with the 'rents in London so have only a handful of minis with me. I just finished off another 10 spearmen bringing the total up to 40 (although these 10 still need flocking and varnishing). I am planning on doing my first 20 militia next. I also have 20 huntsmen and 40 handgunners with me in london so that should keep me busy for the month or so that I am down here. I will try and take some photos of the 10 spearmen in the next couple of days to liven this blog up a bit (it has been rather boring of late hasn't it?). I am also hoping to catch up on all the blogs I am following having been a month without home internet I have a few hundred to catch up on!
- Raggy, signing out