Here we go again

Ok well yet another excuse... there are getting to be more of these posts than real posts! Delays are owing to moving house meaning no internet and even worse: no painting station! NOOOOOO!

Anyway I have now got the painting station set up but it might be a while before I can get anything done as the rest of the house gets sorted (you can tell my priorities... clothes still in boxes, miniatures all set up).

Onto miniature related stuff, despite making some progress on the Empire Army, the count has taken a bit of a hit as I purchased some very cheap second hand minis off Pegasus on TMP so thank you! Although I now have over 200 unpainted figures, I hope to drop that soon and it will be my priority as soon as I get back into the swing of things. A list of new additions:

  • 16 Knights (they will add to my Order of the Silver Skulls)
  • 16 Spearmen
  • 16 Gunners (I really like the old sprues of gunners and spearmen from the 6th Ed box)
  • 7 Metal (obviously) Greatswords (although 3 of these are command figures that I already have)
  • 2 Generals, 4 Banner/Musician figures... these will prob be used to make more command figures for my spearmen and gunners.
  • 20 Militia (I now have 20 primed militia... and 40 that are still on the bloody sprue!)
  • 2 Canon/Mortar (It is a Nuln Army after all)
  • 1 Metal Engineer - the one with repeater pistol and pidgeon bomb (I may sell this figure on, I like it but don't really need it for the army)
In other news I have now fully painted up my VASA Strike Force for Urban War. I also played a game and was a little disappointed. I got hammered which is never a good way to endear me to a game but the mechanic involved a lot of dice rolling which wasn't really to my taste. I will have a couple more games but if nothing else the figures are lovely! They were also quite quick to paint taking about 8hrs for the squad (I am quite a slow painter). Hopefully there will be some photos to follow shortly.

- Raggy, signing out