Another boring pictureless post. I have changed my Things to Paint list to something a little less depressing showing how many I have painted as well as how many are left to paint. Not that this is any real improvement (look at how few have more painted than unpainted!).

On the plus side I only have Headsplitter and "Coach" left of my Skaven Skumm Suckers team left to paint! I have kinda lost interest in painting them, I hate painting fur so much and having to paint them so they fit with the others feels like I'm not really working to improve.

Thrud the Barbarian is also nearly done. I have painted him, I just need to assemble him and paint up a base for him to go on... this is gonna be the tricky part as I want to use a cast scenic base... that I don't have. So it may take a while to truly finish him off.


  1. Hey, keeping a list is a start, those numbers will start turning around, just keep your chin up!


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