Eye-eye Captain

Well the shit is about to hit the fan and I thought I would take a few minutes out of my last minute revision of Unbounded Plane Waves (don't ask) to post a little update on my progress.

Despite the workload I have managed to make good headway with my painting of late, I have repainted the dwarves of Battle for Skull Pass to conform to the Nuln colour scheme... this means that rather than having seperate Karak Norn allies, my army will have dwarves stood shoulder to shoulder with humans in the same unit. I like this idea, especially for a cosmopolitan city like Nuln, it only stands to reason that the troops would be equally varied. It has also served to quickly bolster my army size as the troops only needed small patches recovered.

My 40 spearmen are also making headway, being from the old boxset they only have 4 different poses, I love this as not only does it make them a lot easier to paint, it also gives a more regimented look to the unit(s). So far I have finished one of the 4 poses (10 soldiers) and am mostly done with 2 others. I am not going into great detail with these guys and I am using them to practice my eye technique. For a long time eyes were a last minute addition to my models (if they made it at all). I have always wanted to make them better, but never really been able to it, no matter how hard I tried. One guide that I had seen a long time ago but disregarded come from the paintingclinic.com and can be found here. My reason for the scorn was the added complexity of painting the flesh as a result of using this method. These spearmen have shown me the light... use this technique! for the sake of being a bit more careful with the flesh you get eyes that look level, human and realistic. The one issue is washes are now a LOT harder to apply. I would add a single suggestion over this guide and that is to use a pale grey rather than white for the eyes. This makes them look less cartoony.

And now back to the wave equations... I hope to have some photos for my next post in a week if all goes well.
- Raggy, signing out