The catch-up episode

It is exam time in Raggyland which results in a strange mix of lots of miniature work as I try to de-stress and relatively little in the way of updates as it takes a bit too much time to sort out. As a result this may well be the last blog entry for a month or so. On the plus side it should be a good one, with a load of photos to show off, and some news on the projects I am working on.

This is my completed Islamic Federation Fleet for Full Thrust. I haven't played a game of this yet but my fiancée's father is a big fan of the game and I managed to pick up most of the ships on the cheap online so I got myself some. He has a huge New Anglian fleet (probably 3 times the size of this!). When I finally do get the chance to play, if I like it I am thinking of collecting a Neu Swabian fleet as I like the ships a lot and have a paint scheme in mind to accuratley reflect 'German Utilitarianism'. In the meantime this is my fleet and I am rather pleased with it. I am glad the paint scheme came out as well as it did.

I am sorry to say that all of these photos are entirely staged but they do look pretty. The miniatures are a range that I have painted recently and you can find more details in previous ATZ blogs. The new figures are all Hasslefree with Stan and Zombie Stan, as well as a couple of other zombies. I cannot emphasise enough how much I love the sculpts Hasslefree do, and I am pleased to say that all the different ranges seem to work well together on the table. The boards are prints of the No Go Zone board tiles mounted on foamcore. The cars are a range of 1:43rd and some 1:40th scale die-cast toys mostly off ebay. The red Ford Escort is a repaint I did to make it look particularly warn and war-torn with bullet holes and blood stains.

So what is coming next? Well I have finally gone through all my unpainted Empire miniatures and so next I am planning on getting them all painted up. I have a lot to do, but I am really looking forward to it. I also have some Citadel Trees and buildings to paint up. Before I get onto all that however, I am going to finish assembling a few Heresy miniatures that I have had floating around for a looooong time. I picked them up at Wayland's Forge about 2 years ago and am only just getting them pinned (I tried simple gluing and it was a disaster!). They are the Deathball Ogre and 2 of the Dungeon Troll (I will be converting one for Blood Bowl). In all probability I won't finish sculpting these figures for a while as there is some conversion work, particularly with the 2 Dungeon Trolls that is going to take a while to complete. There is still some work being done on the simian SuperFig characters, although I am feeling a bit uninspired in this arena and will probably shelve them in favor of getting some Empire done. And lastly I am keen to polish off work on Thrud who has been languishing on the work bench for far too long. The main issue at the moment is I am still looking for a really suitable, sculpted base to compliment him.

So that is the plan for the near future, as I said, it may be a while before any evidence of these jobs get posted.
- Raggy, signing out