Big Spender

I have recently been flogging a load of old miniatures to feed my habit. The proceeds have bought the missus a new bed and headboard and I have picked up a fuckload of dwarves, a halfling hot pot and 12 greatswords (at long last!). I had been holding out for the plastic greatswords but fucking £2.50 for a plastic figure is taking the piss not to mention how much of a pain all these unique pose things are. I also picked up a griffon as an alternate mount for my general and a couple of the gotrek & felix novels which haven't arrived yet. I have also picked up some odds and sods on the warseer forum, mostly goblins for the missus to paint up but also a few blood bowl minis and some mordheim reiklanders to add into my Nuln army.

So I am moving along with my miniature painting at a fair lick. the 20 spearmen are now complete and I am back to trying to polish off my Skaven BloodBowl team. I am hoping that by Monday I'll just have the coach and Headsplitter left to paint. So enough yapping and back to the painting!
- Raggy, signing out


  1. Had only we joined forces a couple of years back when I ebayed all of my Empire figs! The Halfling Hot Pot remains one of my all-time favorite GW models. I'm trudging through finishing an Orc Blood Bowl team right now, but it's so uninspiring right now.

  2. We all go through these phases!


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