Army of the Noble City-State of Nuln

About a year ago I got back into Warhammer having abandoned it just after the release of 5th Edition. I started by picking up the Battle for Skull Pass boxset and liked what I saw. Plastics had come a long way since the last I had seen of them, the rules looked solid... maybe it was time to get sucked back in. The final test was to see if I had gained the discipline to paint an army and so I painted all the Dwarves in the box (the missus wanted the gobbos).

Looking at the armies out there I decided to shun my past loves of Undead (the pre-Vampire Counts lot) and Wood Elves (I just didn't like the new figures). Instead my eye got caught by the new look to Empire. Last I had seen of them, they were nearly all metal and a little too flamboyant, but now they seemed gritty and real. I started reading through the backgound materials that I had, to find what I should go for. It was a toss-up between the poor but tough folk of the Stir and the wealthy progressives of Nuln. The deciding factor was ease of painting... Stirlanders have just got too much yellow to be dealing with! Instead a mostly black uniform is just a godsend when it comes to quickly painting an army.

My next step was to decide what to get. From the beginning I wanted to avoid the religious fanatics in favor of powder and magic, this all seemed to fit well with Nuln. Money was also an issue so I started off with the £50 Army box, a pair of wizards and some extra artillery. This gave me a starting point and from here I slipped back into bad habits. Over the next year I succeeded in painting the following:

But I also bought some 40 extrahandgunners, 40 spearmen (both lots cheap from 6th Ed Boxset), a bucket load of militia, a General, Greatswords and yet more atillery. Recently I have forced myself to sit down and paint up what I have... and the result is:

But as my tallies testify there is still a lot to be done. I have also given my dwarves a slight repaint - giving them the colors of Nuln. It is afterall a cosmopolitan city with many immigrants from the nearby hold of Karak Norn. I will have them mixed into the ranks but to all intents and purposes they will be humans. I have also recently bought a few job lots both of dwarves and empire giving myself plenty to paint...

Now my main problem lies in motivation... This is not a particularly competitive army, being mostly models I like the look of and feel fit my theme. I also don't really know any other fantasy players making gaming a little tricky. As a result progress has slowed a little and I am once again getting distracted (currently by the last of my Skaven Blood Bowl). I am starting a painting log on the Warseer Forums and hoping this will motivate me with some comments and such. You can find it *here*. I would also like to plug my inspiration for creating a painting log on the site - Re-learning the hobby through Nipponese by lilljonas.
- Raggy, signing out