The guide to PSPs

Up until now I have held off getting a PSP owing to the high price and relatively few games that made me want to play. Now with the release of the DSi and the seemingly unconquerable market share owned by Nintendo, the PSP price point looks to be dropping. So I have started looking at getting my hands on one... but which one? It looks for all the world like Sony have taken a leave out of Microsoft's guide to console marketing:
Make the console in more varieties than the average consumer can comprehend... that way they will deffinately buy at least one!
I have seen better ideas. So having once again scoured Wikipedia I am slowly getting my mind around the varieties:

Core - This is the bog standard with charger, battery and console

Value - Core plus headphones (with remote), pouch, wrist strap and 32Mb Memory Stick Pro Duo

Slim & Lite (aka 2000series) - The console is thinner and 2/3rds the weight of the original, more outputs, USB charging, double the RAM, UMD Caching and all-round better.

3000 - The latest and greatest, has a slight redesign, better screen and built in Microphone.

These days the core and value models are all but vanished outside of the second-hand market and even then I'd skip. If you are after the budget choice, find a deal at Game or GameStation for a pre-owned Slim&Lite and some pre-owned games for around £100. Otherwise just go with the 3000 series and FFVII Crisis Core for £149.99

The games to get for PSP:
FFVII Crisis Core
FFT War of the Lions
WipEout Pulse
MGS Portable Ops
GTA Liberty City / Vice City Stories
God of War - Chains of Olympus
Me & My Katamari