All Things Painted

I have now finished my survivors & zombies (well those that I have so far!). I would have shiny new photos... but they turned out to be shite. I will try and get some new photos up in the next few days. I now have 10 Zombies (2 West Wind - Secrets of the Third Reich, 8 Hasslefree), 3 Survivors (all Hasslefree), 8 SWAT (4 West Wind - Road Kill, 4 RAFM - USX).

I will take a series of photos including one of the cheap toy cars that I repainted to use in ATZ & SuperSystem.

Next up I am going to return to the Superheroes. I have a collection of SuperFigs from the Four Color Miniatures line and Black Cat's Mutant & Madmen line). The first 3 I will be working on are the Primate Supers I have: Harangutan, Goradiator & Big Lou (I have already done Gibbon Glider and I don't have the others).