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Normally I will paint batches of miniatures, a regiment, fleet or similar collection of miniatures. I have been trying this with these zombies and it has made painting them a lot harder. The reason it is proving so problematic is people don't look the same... an obvious enough statement really. With a regiment, uniforms are all matching etc. but zombies are a miscellaneous collection of individuals with different clothes, skintones and so on. Painting them in a single batch, I'm finding that they are all coming out with a similar look. It is all too easy to paint one in jeans and then decide to do others the same way.

As a result I have had to start painting other miniatures at the same time, mixing in Thrud, some Skaven minis and trying to focus on one zombie before moving on to the next. The most recently completed of them is the zombie school teacher:

I am currently working on Zombie Suzi so the next update should have a photo or two of her. In the meantime, this is the current progress of the zombies:

- Raggy, signing out