Painting Station with some current projects

Today's post is a little one just to show off my painting area in the living room. (The Missus is very laid back!) I hope to get a few shots up later today:

The Uncharted Seas Ships are what my current focus really ought to be and is why they have been shoved to the back! Instead I have been focusing on zombies for the ruleset All Things Zombie.
The Skaven minis are the last few players for my Blood Bowl Team, hopefully the first of my totally completed teams, it will have all player options, apothecary and Head Coach.
Thrud the Barbarian is from Heresy Miniatures that I have had lying around for about a year, I hope to have him done soon as well, it will be a real test of my flesh tone skills as there is little else to him!
The Hammerhead minis are from a convention that I started going to last year in Newark, a lot of these conventions have a special mini that attenders get as part of the entrance fee- in Hammerhead's case, you get one of 2 with the other being in other bags (so take the missus) or you can buy it at the show. I am still not sure how I will paint them up at the moment so it might be a while before they appear on here again.
Tomorrow I will be writing a bit on basecoating.

Raggy, signing out