Punk snot dead!

Well so I have broken two of my initial ideals, I'd hoped to keep this blog daily, but thinking about it that isn't really feasible, especially not for me. My other broken ideal is to keep this about painting, so prepare for a rant...

Punk is a word bandied around far too often, by far too diverse a group of people. Chav's wearing Punky Fish, Avril Lavigne, Prince Albert down at Camden Lock. What is Punk? A fashion statement, a political statement, an attitude, a link to Neo-nazism? Ironically I think in many ways, the last statement comes closest to the truth. In it's hey-day it is fair to say that the majority of punks were less than favorable to non-whites, sharing the opinions of many of the more extreme socialists of the time... keep England/America/other western country white. So why do I, a half-breed (and therefore lowest of the low in the eyes of many of its founders) talk about punk with such passion?
An idea is independant of the merits of the founders, the Noble Peace Prize is an obvious example. Punk is an ideology founded in questioning authority, orders and fighting totalitarianism. It is this and nothing more. You don't have to be homeless with an ostentatious hairdo to make it as a punk... you don't infact need to demonstrate it in any external way. A coporate lackey making millions each year, may be just as much or even more of a punk than some teenage upstart that shops exclusively at Camden Lock Market. Question everything, commit the most fundamental of crimes - thought crime, every second of your waking life. Keep free-thinkers dangerous.
Raggy, signing out