A Brief Introduction

I'm a 22 year old gamer studying Electronic Engineering at Durham University. My gaming life started with the discovery of Games Workshop at age 7... after a few years I dropped it in favour of having money... a couple of years ago the addiction returned and spread to a wide range of other systems and boardgames.

My Miniature Gaming addiction currently encompasses:

Warhammer - Nuln Army (Empire) with Karak Norn Allies (Dwarves from BfSP)
Warhammer 40k - Iron Hands Army (Space Marines)
Necromunda - Ty Fighters (Spyrer) & Dog Tag Yons (Orlock)
Blood Bowl - It is my ambition to get a complete set of every team. This means enough miniatures for every possible team combination, apothecary, wizard and coach (maybe even cheerleaders & assistant coaches)
Uncharted Seas - All Fleets
Confrontation - Wolfen & Kelt
Worminator - All Teams
Full Thrust - Islamic Federation
All Things Zombies
Nuthin' But Net

This blog will chart my progress in painting this wealth of minis. Finished minis will be posted on my Picasa account: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/ragados
Each blog entry will be titled with the game system and the mini in question.

To get the ball rolling here are a couple of recently completed minis:

Gibbon Glider - SuperFigs

Polymer - SuperFigs

Raggy, signing out