The Steelers - How annoying it can be to prime resin

The Wood Elf Blood Bowl team I posted a while ago came from Black Scorpion Miniatures. I am a fan of the sculpts but have repeatedly had issues getting the primer to really stick to the figures. This time has been by far the worst. Presenting The Piranha Swamp Steelers:

Eventually I had to strip the paint off of the and respray. Fortunately it seems that I have finally found a primer that will actually stick and it's now full steam ahead with the painting:

This is all under a bit of a time crunch as we are playing a tournament and as long as they are unpainted my opponents get a +1 fame bonus against me. But once I get them all painted, including this converted coach figure, I get to appeal any foul ejections on a 6!

Now, back to the painting!