Priming Black Scorpion Minis

Tristan has asked that I provide some info on the primer I used to get a successful bond to the Black Scorpion minis so:

Black Scorpion Miniatures are nominally 'resin' however it seems that they have a large plastic component (I can verify this having left one in acetone a bit longer than I should have!). This is what gave me the idea of a Spray Primer designed for Plastic. I had originally been wanting to use Krylon Plastic Primer having heard good things about them, however my local hardware store didn't have any so I went with Rustoleum Painter's Touch Flat White Primer.

Rustoleum Painter's Touch Flat White Primer works GREAT! Please PLEASE make sure you wash and scrub your figures thoroughly first, using dishsoap and a good rinse after. The resin has a lot of mould release on it to stop it sticking to the mould it's cast in but it also stops paint adhering to.

Regarding stripping paint off of these figures: Acetone does work but be careful otherwise they will soften, flake and eventually melt if left in for too long. I would say a minute in, scrub, rinse and repeat as necessary.