Blood Bowl indulgence!

There is a site that I have been a pretty big fan of for a while, it's called inkedgaming. They started as a custom card mat site that would allow you to design your own gaming mats for Netrunner / Magic etc. However they have diversified a little and now offer a range of dice bags, gaming mats and more. I had gotten a small 24"x24" gaming mat during their Black Friday sale back in 2014 and have wavered on ordering some more mats from them (it's a bit of an addiction tbh). Recently they sent me a 20% discount on any order and I was weak and thought well.... fuck it... I'll get myself some shinies... and so I did! I picked up a rather nice sleeve for my card mats and a couple of custom mats:

I owe Sir Skofis a big thanks for the source art for this one.

This image was taken from a small NAF image. It's not really as high res as needed for the printing but does the job. I also got the scale a little wrong.

Yet another shot of my prized fan stand! That middle bit is slowly turning into a kind of dice tower...
I finally had the glue set on the dice tower enough that I was able to test it! I had to make a slight modification but it now mostly spits the dice out, mostly into the reserves tray and mostly rolled! It's not as good as a specifically designed dice tower, but for a first attempt at making something in a pre determined space, I am pretty pleased.