Adeptus Custodes

I am known for my dislike of TMM. I hate working with metallics. I end up with sparkles on everything as I struggle to properly clean off the things I've used. One day I intend to have completely distinct setups for my metallics but I'm not at the point yet where I can really justify that cost.

Despite my reluctance to use metallics and having issues with airbrushing the gold paint (a lot of pigment separation) - the finished result looked pretty good and there was only a little tone needed to help bring out more definition on the figures.
These figures are so monochromatic that it was incredibly quick to paint them. Additionally - the fact they are metallic really helps with the contrast to make the figures look interesting with very little effort.

The gems here were painted very basically using Army Painter Plate Mail overlaid with GW Technical Soulstone Blue. This is a technique endorsed by GW itself but I found getting coverage to be a trial. The finished effect is still …

Tartaros Termies - done not perfect

Still grinding through the Burning of Prospero box and making some headway, slow as it may be. With these chaps, and the Custodes (post coming soon so stay tuned!) - prep took a LONG time mostly due to the need to magnetize all the things to allow for weapons combinations. One of the things I realized with this technique is that shadowing and highlighting become very difficult to match up - more on this later in the article.

I was once again using the muted red technique I'd defined for the MkIII Marines although I pushed the red a little further as I'd ended up with an effect on the MkIIIs that felt a little too dark. The colour on these guys came out a lot nicer.
You can see that these chaps were also pretty dismantled when being painted. The main reason for this is the need to have the heads pop. At the time I was painting these, I wasn't confident in my ability to do this with the heads already in situ. The Livery Green glow on the eyes really demonstrates the limitat…

Music with rocks in it.

The early stages of this figure went undocumented sadly. Death is a very monochromatic model and I decided to not Zenithal prime but instead wanted to highlight up by hand.

EDIT:10th May 2018
I lost a lot of this original post due to getting signed out of blogger part way through writing the result was that on the rewrite - I neglected to add in the details of painting the black cloth.
The base is Stynylrez Black primer. Fabric is fairly matte (excepting silk/satin). For Death, I imagine a rather rough fabric with an almost unreal matte to it. The result is bringing up the highlight only very slightly without going to anything even close to a pure white. The solution was to use Meng Rubber Black and Coat D'arms dark grey as the 'highlights'. I also added some Tree Fellas Light grey for the top highlights. The traditional method I'd been taught for texturing course fabric is to use thinned paint drawn in lines across the figure to simulate the threads however at this sc…

You've got Discworld mail

Faithful readers may recall that last year I put together three blog posts covering my painting of my first ever serious painting contest entry (here, here and here). The model was from a line of Discworld miniatures put out by Micro Arts Studios. These models are my most prized of miniatures and I have held off of painting them for many years, waiting until I felt I was good enough to work on them. I am finally starting to feel like I have reached that point. I am no Kirill Kanaev, and I still have plenty of scope to learn and improve, but I am at the point where I can finish a miniature, look at it and say...
"Wow, that looks good to me. I'm proud that I was able to produce that." Having gotten to that point, I was comfortable starting on some of these beautiful miniatures. I have been working through the figures that feel easier to paint and that I am inspired by. There is no rush for me to complete these chaps (they are definitely not a part of my #donenotperfect min…

Introducing The Tlanxla Titans

It's been a while since I've introduced a new Blood Bowl team. These chaps got purchased when GW did a limited run recast of some of the old third edition sculpts. Sadly I am not going to be the one getting these guys on the pitch, fortunately a friend of mine is borrowing them for a league he's in and they will be facing off against a rather intimidating Human team.

So how did I get these chaps from primed to finished in just 3 days?
I'm glad you read that sentence; here we go:

Prime with Stynylrez Black:

Generous zenithal of Minitaire Dark Green
Selective zenithal of Minitaire Fresh Grass
- Minitaire paints have a gloss finish... don't freak out - the matte varnish will fix everything!

The next few stages are a bit out of order. Normally the shitty bases I do for my Blood Bowl minis come at or near the end of my painting however I needed to have these guys playable for my friend's game so I knew I needed to get the bases done early with the numbers for game …

Wander - Tank - base

I've been really bad at taking photos of late - the result is photos of finished or near finished things but really nothing along the way... which I really regret but... well shit happens.

Tank has been seeing some progress as testified in my last post. I figured I should decide on what to stand him on once he's finished...

Waaay back when I was still a student, hating my degree and dreaming of doing something enjoyable for a living, I got into a few contests on WAMP forums. I landed myself some nice, cast resin bases as a prize. I'd never really found anything to put on them but it seemed like the perfect time to pull one of these out and get painting.

<If I'd been better at taking photos - there'd be one of the unpainted base here>

One of my projects for this year is:

Much like SDub aka Miniac off of r/minipainting and YouTube etc. I have also been pushing myself to use an airbrush for more than just priming and basecoating. I'm still only running a Pa…