Dwarven Slayers Strike! (part 1)

Primed Black and given a White Zenithal through the Badger Patriot 105 with Stynylrez primers.

Still using the Patriot, I laid down Vallejo Game Color Dark Flesh to start building up the flesh tones:

ScaleColor Inktensity Red airbrushed on added some vibrancy to the plumes. I also started blocking out the hair at this stage with Vallejo Model Air Sand for Blond, Vallejo Game Color Dark Flesh for red and Vallejo Model Air Olive Green for brown:

I also re-whitened the tips of Mad Maegrim's plume. This was a bit of an experiment to really synthesize fire better with an airbrush (see some of my Descent models for some green tinted disasters. To do this, I laid down some VMA Sand over the red and then laid ScaleColor Inktensity Yellow over that (I also added this to the beards)

As you can see, the result is pretty effective. The green tint is effectively removed. There are still some issues with the red as I laid it down too thickly and too quickly (I blame readjusting to airbrushing …

Descent Monsters painted

Honestly, I think this is one of my best achievements in painting to date. The models are far from well painted even by my lowly standards - Airbrushing has saved them a great deal but even so they're not stunning. Volume and speed are what set these out in my mind. 168 models is the most I have painted for any single thing so far and to have gotten them all done in about 3 months really feels great to look back on.

Dabbling in Live Streaming

I know I have been a little quiet on the Blog of late. Travel and Internet access have had a lot to do with this however I have not been idle at the paint station! I will be putting up a post with my massive Descent Monster painting haul in the next few days. In the meantime I wanted to show of a new branch of my painting tuition - Live Streaming!!!

The First stream was last night on YouTube and you can see the video here:

This first stream looks at darker skin tones using one of the Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire Reaver models as a test piece. I even branch out into some scarring both sculpted and freehand!

This was an experimental first pass and there will be more to come. I will be live streaming tomorrow night on Twitch: - please join in! I am looking to see what the two platforms are like in terms of functionality and quality and will choose which to run on going forwards!

- Raggy, signing out

365 minis painted in 2018!

I am super excited to be able to say I completed my goal of averaging a mini/day in 2018! It's been a fairly absorbing task and has left me largely unable to paint for competitions, it has however hammered into the mountain of unpainted minis (particularly for boardgames).
So to keep moving forward, I have a new target - 500!!! This should also mean I will have fully painted 5 boardgames this year (Space Hulk, Burning of Prospero, Mansions of Madness, Descent & TMNT: Shadows of the Past).
Completed: (369 + 34 small) Space Hulk: 
20xSpace Hulk door stands, Chalice, C.A.T., 23 Genestealers

Mansions of Madness:
Darrell Simmons, William Yorrick, Gloria Goldberg, Carolyn Fern, Joe Diamond, Monterey Jack, Bob Jenkins, Dexter Drake, Vincent Lee, Mandy Thompson, Sister Mary, Father Mateo, Tommy Muldoon, Diana Stanley, Finn Edwards, Preston Fairmont, Carson Sinclair, Charlie Kane, Agatha Crane, Lily Chen, Minh Thi Phan, Wilson Richards, Marie Lambeau, Akeche Onyele, Rita Young, 11xcultist…