Wander - Tank - part 1

That's right folks, it's another Miniature Monthly post. I'm not much of a one for painting figures as display pieces but Miniature Monthly recently started a paint along series for this new figure - Tank. Tank is an expansion character from Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay. I didn't pick up the game although reviews of it seem pretty positive. I hope to get tot try out the game at some point but in the meantime this figure has given me the opportunity to really push my techniques in new directions. freehanding stripes, texturing fabric, leather and further working on NonMetallicMetal effects with weathering.

I got a little distracted before even starting on the model as a friend lent me some ScaleColour paints - something I'd heard great things about and been wanting to try for a while. A shoulder pad got some True Metallic Metal treatment. The job was a little rushed but the results were astonishing - these are far and away the highest quality paints I've eve…

7th Continent - A.D.D. strikes

Well I've been doing a ton of hopping from project to project of late. It's not all by choice as I've been travelling a fair amount and had to be selective in what I take to paint. One of the main things I want to work on over the next few weeks is a display piece 'Tank' from the new Wander game by Red Panda miniatures but before I focus on him, I have been distracted by trying to paint up the miniatures from yet another boardgame. This time it's 7th Continent - a kickstarter I backed a long time ago and am finally in a position to maybe get a few games played. The nice thing about this game is that it only has 11 miniatures and they are only about 15mm scale. I painted 4 of them in a single session! In fact before I even thought to get the camera out:

I've not done too much experimenting with flame effects and although the picture is pretty shoddy, I am fairly pleased with the effect. I think I need to dial back the reds and oranges and maybe work on more…


Warning - a bit of swearing in this one.

Well I have been pretty quiet this month, as I often seem to be when I travel. I have not been idle and I have a few half formed posts waiting on projects to be finished but this post is not going to be about miniatures or painting of the hobby.

Every year, at this time, I like to write a post about the things I have to be thankful for. (You can see my original post in this vein on another blog of mine back in 2014 here). In successive years I have written these posts somewhat haphazardly and in various places but it is a practice I have come to value as Thanksgiving grows in my heart to be my favorite holiday.

Looking back on that original post, it is interesting to see the things that have changed and the things that have stayed the same. I debated doing a review of the points in that original post but looking back, it just doesn't seem as relevant. Instead I am going to go through the things I have to be thankful for right now.

Right at …

Say Hi to the Big Guys

Painting has progressed fairly well before I was struck down with a rather unpleasant case of food poisoning. The result has been stalling out on the work and not being able to complete my Chaos Pact team before leaving for the US. I have, however, got a few photos from before I caved to illness:

Nuria Elena:
Big and dumb and not afraid to admit it... coz he doesn't know what either of those words mean.

Hinate Boin:
Chanting the slogan 'Hinate SMASH!' onto the field, he sometimes even succeeds although it's a toss up whether he 'smashes' his own side or the opposition... or anything at all for that matter.

Eagle Josc:
I wanted to go for a classic GW Stone Troll look here and I'm pretty pleased with the result. I maybe should have upped the blue tones in the skin but other than that I'm really happy with how he's looking. The Flames on the shoulder pad came out better on him than any of the others.
A little washing, some leather texture and these guy…

Forming a pact with a bunch of Chaos Renegades? It must be Blood Bowl!

I've been grinding through my Space Hulk minis at a steady pace. I now have 5 of the 11 termies ready for some final airbrushing... and an airbrush that should work... So clearly now is the perfect time to totally change the focus of my efforts to Blood Bowl! (Yes more Blood Bowl).

What's triggered this sudden return to Blood Bowl? Another tournament of course! Block of Holding down in Bournemouth on November 19th is a NAF sanctioned Blood Bowl tournament that I figured I'd sign up for to get back into the Blood Bowl groove. My choice of team was a little restricted as most of my models are in a shipping container and I have no idea when they might arrive. Fortunately the RN Estudio's Chaos Pact minis arrived to the UK recently and so they are getting a quick painting to be ready for the tournament.

The Vanir Volcanoes will be (I hope) ready to take the field come November 19th.

I have to say I was a little disappointed with these minis. RN Estudio is capable of excel…

Brother Deino enters

The Process Basecoats:

Cloth painted:

Parchment and Bone:


This sketchy style for the bolter is really not an effect I intended to produce but I do rather like it. What are your thoughts?

I also recently watched an alternative method of doing red. I like the idea of zenithal highlighting with pink instead of white, I think it might cut the orange in the highlights a little.

Brother Scipio will come next as I try to wrestle with the colors for the basing. Being a space hulk, it seems obvious that I am going to be working with metal flooring but I need to find a method of bringing in some green tones to that in order to give good contrast to the red.

- Raggy, signing out

Step up Sergeant Gideon

Having painted up Brother Claudio, I next moved on to Sergeant Gideon.

Basecoats applied for all areas with Gideon's head painted up.Next the gold was polished a little and the parchment/bone pieces were done.

I am going to deep dive into the colours that I am using here as I neglected to do that in the Brother Claudio post:
Parchment / Skulls:Vallejo Chocolate BrownArmy Painter Fur BrownCoat D'Arms BoneArmy Painter Matt White Metal, Select Pads and Charged Weapons:P3 Thamar BlackCoat D'Arms Dark GreyTree Fellas GreyArmy Painter Matt White Eyes:Coat D'Arms Dark GreyArmy Painter Matt White Gold:Vallejo Chocolate BrownVallejo Filthy BrownArmy Painter Daemonic YellowArmy Painter Matt White Gems:Reaper HD Marron RedGW Blood for the Blood God Cloth:P3 Thamar BlackVallejo Enchanted BlueArmy Painter Matt White (mixed into blue for highlights)
The weightings of these (esp the metals/pads/weapons) are not always the same to give some separation.
As with Brother Claudio - Gideo…