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Who shot the Rain Man?

A lazy Saturday and I decided to chip away at the Netflix list.
First up, Who Shot Liberty Valance... I grew up with John Wayne movies, they formed many a Sunday afternoon with my Grandmother and yet despite seeing a huge array of his westerns, I had never seen this one... with Jimmy Stewart! This is a fucking amazing movie. I love it.
The second part of the double feature was Rain Man, a good film, kind of like Forrest Gump, I appreciate it and Dustin Hoffman's acting in particular is stellar but I don't expect I will go back and watch it again.

It seems like Netflix is working hard to become shitter. Of the 9 films I had left to watch on Netflix, only 3 are still available and there have been no new movies from the list added.
72 Films still to watch: (Bold are on Netflix at time of writing)52Django Unchained (2012)102Witness for the Prosecution (1957)106A Separation (2011)107Yojimbo (1961)117On the Waterfront (1954)119The Seventh Seal (1957)123The Kid (1921)125Scarface (198…

Presenting: The Modryn Wanderers! (Picture heavy)

Well, it involved staying up a couple of nights but I eventually got there! A (mostly) fully painted team of Wood Elves!!! And they were done just in time for West Coast Quake 2015! It really was a very close run thing, I got the varnish sprayed on the night before the tournament - fortunately it was dry by the tournament.

This is the line up I was using in the tournament. My Treeman was not on the roster and so he, and my fourth catcher are the reason I was only able to say 'mostly' finished. The fourth catcher suffered a slight accident in training... getting dropped off of my 1st floor balcony and breaking (causing a severed foot that was never recovered) The rest of him is painted up, however . As you can see it is only 11 players, pretty normal for Elves given how expensive they are. The down side of this is that the end game typically ended up looking like this:

Actually that is a particularly bad instance. Dan's Chaos Dwarves were very, very good at taking out Elves…

Painting Progress

As you can see the ashigaru are progressing slowly. I have assembled all 40 of my archers for my mixed arquebusier unit (At the time of Sekigahara, this was the norm. arquebusier units would be supplemented with archers in order to provide covering fire while the arqubusiers reloaded. There are a few sources I have found supporting this including here.) Overall at this point I have primed all of my ashigaru yari and assembled 60 of my 100 ranged ashigaru. I am setting them aside for a bit so I can focus on my new shiny, the Black Scorpion Fantasy Football Elves:

That's right! They are progressing. I am still not totally sure about the colour scheme, it seems a little monotone but hopefully the accents will off set this. Hopefully my test player will be completed for my next post so stay tuned!

- Raggy, signing out


Wandering around Barnes & Noble the other day, I was able to find The Apartment! I was really pretty excited as this is the only movie off of my original list that I hadn't seen. I sat down to watch it on New Year's Eve and was really impressed. I think a lot of the ethics and underlying assumptions of the film don't really hold up to modern standards but the film itself is solid. I just wish it hadn't been a happy ending, I don't think you can really buy into it.
74 Films still to watch: (Bold are on Netflix at time of writing)52Django Unchained (2012)102Witness for the Prosecution (1957)106A Separation (2011)107Yojimbo (1961)117On the Waterfront (1954)119The Seventh Seal (1957)123The Kid (1921)125Scarface (1983)126Rebecca (1940)127Wild Strawberries (1957)130Ran (1985)131Ikiru (1952)133Touch of Evil (1958)135The Gold Rush (1925)136Cool Hand Luke (1967)137It Happened One Night (1934)140Casino (1995)152Warrior (2011)153High Noon (1952)154The Secret in Their Eyes…